What PCS can do for you:

We remove derogatory and erroneous information such as (Late Payments, Inquires, Outdated Information, Judgements, Bankruptcy’s, Charge-Offs, Collections, Etc…)

  • PCS have been in the business of credit restoration for over 5 years
  • Our software program includes everything needed to improve your credit
  • Affordable service packages
  • Get your credit fixed faster
  • Save thousands per year with lower rates
  • Save time and money!
  • Credit Report fee included in service price
  • Easy Month-to-Month payment plans
  • Great customer services & support
  • Confidential for your protection
  • No set-up, maintenance, hidden or junk fees
  • Premiere Membership (eBook & bonus materials)

We offer different levels of service plans. PCS offers several bonus features at no additional price.

One of the best and biggest will be assigned a PCS Representative that will stay with you throughout the whole process.

What Makes Up My Credit Score?

As a ‘snapshot’ of your financial history, your credit report is essentially your ‘financial fingerprint’ and contains information that can be grouped into the five categories listed below.

  1. Payment History – 35%
  2. Amount Owed – 30%
  3. Length of Credit History – 15%
  4. New Credit – 10%
  5. Types of Credit in Use – 10%

What Is Credit Mapping?

Credit Mapping is a new technology that combines advanced analytics and industry standard information. It eliminates the guesswork for achieving higher scores.

Credit Mapping provides your borrower with a detailed, customized “road map” that explains to them step by step what they need to do to achieve their Potential Score Goals, how long it will take them to reach their designated score and EXACTLY how many points they will gain by taking the specified actions.

Once the borrower has completed the required steps, a new report can be pulled to validate score improvement and qualifications for loan programs.

Our Credit Mapping report is based on credit data in your personal credit files from the three national credit repositories (Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union).